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We are an Accounting and Consulting Firm with a 45 year international trajectory and a professional staff of 150 consultants. We keep a close focus on worldwide business through our long time alliance with the Moore International Network and deliver solutions to fully develop your business; accounting, audit, tax, law counseling, transfer pricing, risk consulting, human resources and foreign trade.

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Business Development

Our firm offers comprehensive services which, based on our know-how, expertise and strategy, will optimize benefits for your organization or business.

Transfer Pricing

Our specialized area provides full assistance in compliance with national and international obligations regarding transfer pricing.

IT Audit

We understand the business of our clients by reviewing key processes in their IT area, established controls and relevant activities; we identify the areas of opportunity and jointly detect the inherent risks of their operation that must be addressed. We also support them through consultancy for the alignment of the best technology practices such as COBIT and ITIL.


We provide a service that goes beyond the reviewing of financial information; we deliver value-added final products.
We provide a staff with ample experience in the various business sectors, which will be in constant communication and coordination with you.

SOX & Risk Consulting

We support our clients in the implementation of corporate governance by complying with regulatory frameworks and the incorporation of best practices. We act as your liaison to anticipate the results of your next audit. We evaluate your internal control in a comprehensive manner.

Tax Consulting

Our specialists study and analyze the different tax laws and regulations applicable, support your organization by providing deft advice, optimizing tax advantages and timely evaluating possible risks, through:

Human Resources

We assume your personnel recruitment process: selection, assessment and hiring. We prepare with our clients an analysis of their job descriptions and cost comparisons in the marketplace. We present only candidates with specific requirements, applying advanced techniques for assessing skills and support our opinion with a thorough investigation of references and past performances.

Foreign Trade Consulting

Obtaining legal certainty, creating and implementing strategies and optimizing your foreign trade operations may be possible with the assistance of our specialized consultants.


Complementary Consignment Note – Mandatory after Sep. 30, 2021 150 150 Oma
Complementary Consignment Note – Mandatory after Sep. 30, 2021

On May 1, 2021, the website of the Mexican Tax Administration Service (SAT) published information regarding the Complementary Consignment Note. Its purpose is to include information related to the following matters on the CFDI (Internet Digital Tax Receipt)…

Tax Newsletter – Subcontracting Services – Initiative for its Regulation (April, 2021) 150 150 Oma
Tax Newsletter – Subcontracting Services – Initiative for its Regulation (April, 2021)

22 / april / 2021 Last week, the Mexican legislative power sent to the Congress a new Initiative for the Congress, regarding the practice of personnel subcontracting (known as outsourcing or insourcing or subcontracting or personnel administration or other similar ones) that months ago had been detained for further analysis.

Preventive Measures against Covid-19 – MOORE Orozco Medina 150 150 Oma
Preventive Measures against Covid-19 – MOORE Orozco Medina

18 / MARCH / 2020 Due to the current global Pandemic caused by the Covid-19 (Coronavirus) and the increase in cases in Mexico, we inform you that our office is adopting preventive measures to guarantee the security and the well-being of our clients, partners, collaborators, and community in general. Our Partners will manage these measures…

Our Location

Gabriel Mancera 1041, Col. Del Valle Centro, Alcaldía Benito Juárez,
C.P. 03100, México, Ciudad de México.
Tel: 55 3687 2700

Moore Orozco Medina, S.C. is a privately owned and independent firm, member of the Moore North America (MNA) and MOORE Global associated firm network. Neither MNA nor MOORE Global deliver services directly to clients. Moore Orozco Medina, is an independent and separate legal entity, subject to the professional laws and regulations of the region in which it operates and is not authorized to commit in any form MNA or MOORE Global or any other MNA or MOORE Global member firms.

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