Our partners and key personnel

We are aware that business is not done between companies; it is always between persons. On both sides of all communications, there are persons who exchange information and expect results. This is our business philosophy.

We are persons who find passion in our profession and deal with persons who, like us, pursue their goals with passion, lead others and take decisions, based often on the accuracy and timeliness of the information we supply.

Pedro Flores Carrillo, CPA

Business Development Partner

Juan Gerardo Martínez Santillán, PA

Business Development Partner

Liliana Miriam Blancas Estrada, CPA

Audit, Sox & Risk Consulting Partner

Felipe Domínguez Pulido, CPA

Tax and Transfer Pricing Partner

Ulises Pérez Ortega, PA

SOX & Risk Consulting Manager

LCI Leticia Merchand Alvarado

Foreign Trade Manager

Our Location

Gabriel Mancera 1041, Col. Del Valle Centro, Alcaldía Benito Juárez,
C.P. 03100, México, Ciudad de México.
Tel: 55 3687 2700
E-mail: oma@oma.com.mx
Web: www.oma.com.mx

Moore Orozco Medina, S.C. is a privately owned and independent firm, member of the Moore North America (MNA) and MOORE Global associated firm network. Neither MNA nor MOORE Global deliver services directly to clients. Moore Orozco Medina, is an independent and separate legal entity, subject to the professional laws and regulations of the region in which it operates and is not authorized to commit in any form MNA or MOORE Global or any other MNA or MOORE Global member firms.

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